Staggered Tool: BLACK

 Staggered Tool



Having issues making staggered coils?  This easy to hold tool slides into the middle hole on any (500' Kidney Puncher shown for reference) standard size spool and extends out far enough not to interrupt the feed wire while making you coil.  It feels so natural on the spool, you wont even know its there.  The center pin is slightly smaller that the inner diameter of the spool hole to make certain it does not bind up while feeding the feed wire.   Pictures shown were made on our Orbit Sping and this Staggered Tool at full speed <2x26 core and 34 wrap>.



  • Strong ABS 3D printed design
  • 2 holes to feed your loop thru
  • 1 hole to loop thru to tighten in place


Staggered Tool: BLACK
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  • Manufacturer: USA Ohm Meters
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