Fidgety Spinners

Here you will find our (designs) take on Fidgety Spinners. 


Build you own color scheme with our drop down options.  Pick you body color and then pick your bearing button colors (top and bottom)...make it unique to you.  We also offer adding characters (upto 12 letters/numbers in most case) if there is ample room on the design.


What is a Fidgety Spinner you ask, well here is Forbes take on it:


"...if you find your fingers are generally a raw, bloody mess due to your boredom-induced nail-biting, or you're driving your cubicle neighbors insane from your desk-drumming and pen-clicking, fidget toys might be the cure for your nervous or bored energy. Stress balls and desk toys have been around forever, but a recent trend in fidget toys adds a collectible, high quality -- and often expensive -- flair to finding a place to dump your excess energy."


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